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If you need whole life insurance quotes Canada policies and information, this is a quick reference guide that can help you.

If you are like most people that we talk to you may be looking for some simple financial protection for your family? -Without all the confusing mumbo jumbo attorney speak.

What you’ll find on this page:

1. Get some quick pointers and thoughts concerning Canadian life insurance quotes.

2. Show how policies of insurance life term VS whole are different and which may be better for you.

3. Give you some quick and basic life insurance information.

The answers below are a very scaled down and simple definitions to some common questions.

Need answers to these life insurance questions?

What is life insurance?

What should you know about life insurance quotes Canada policies?

How do the different policy types compare and what are their basic features?

• Life insurance awards a sum of money to individuals (or an organization) that is paid upon the insured’s death. If you insure yourself, then if you die you can have the money go to your spouse or children etc.

• You can insure multiple people with the same policy in the form of ryders. (Usually family members)

• You can have multiple life insurance policies, although there are usually limits on the number of policies from the same insurance company.

• Whole life insurance can cover you for your entire life.

o Whole life builds cash value.

o Is considered an investment. (low yield)

o Is much more expensive than term life insurance

• Term life insurance will cover you for a specific period or term of time.

o Usually 10, 20, or 30 years

o Much less expensive than whole life products

o Will not provide coverage for entire life

o If you live past the end of the term the money you paid for premiums is lost; just like car insurance, health insurance, and homeowners insurance.

o Return of premium ryders are available but they do increase the expense of the life insurance plan.

o Return of premium ryders will pay back the premiums at the end of the term. No interest is accrued on the premiums paid back.

Summary of Canada Life Insurance Products:

Whole life insurance quotes Canada and Canada life Insurance are just a few of your options when searching for a life insurance product. In addition to whole life you can look into term life insurance, universal life insurance and variable universal life insurance.

All of these policies have their set of strengths and weaknesses and it’s best if you understand them so you can know what you want and why.

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