Transamerica life insurance

Transamerica Life Insurance Company

This is a review of Transamerica Life Insurance Company. These are survey results taken from real customers. All sources are provided from the link on this page. This includes source information and search results.

This life insurance company has pretty decent survey numbers. See update below; Customer satisfaction is high enough to be considered over most of the other insurance companies here within this survey.

Here are the stats, all these stats are found within this review -

What insurance policy/policies do you have with this company?

How long have you had a policy with this company?

Overall, how satisfied are you, with your insurance company?

How likely are you to renew your insurance policy/policies with this insurance company?

Would you recommend this insurance company to your friends and family?

Have you ever had occasion to file a claim?

How do you rate the claims handling and fairness of any settlement?


Updated 12/15/2015. There seems to be an uptick in review that are not at all positive. As a result this company can no longer be recommended to do business with. Having an 82% unsatisfactory rating among consumers is worse than we could have expected. Either management changes, policy changes, or the tightening of the claim process are some likely causes. It can be hard to pinpoint exactly what is happening here, but in either case, you better look elsewhere until they get things figured out. No-one wants to lawyer up every time a claim has to be made.


This company has been having a bit of trouble lately with their company strength and stock price so this review is provisional. Updated; no longer provisional. Not recommended.

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