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The truth is you can not buy term whole life insurance quotes or policies from us.

We are an unbiased resource and have nothing to sell. Here you will find Web whole life insurance quotes from companies who place ads so that you can compare insurance life rate term policies and companies to one another.

We can maintain that we are an unbiased source because we sell nothing and make no commissions off what you buy. This is the only way we can truly help you without their being something in it for us.

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• Term life ins quote online

Finding cheap web whole life insurance quotes on this site is easy.

First, we show you what to look for in a life insurance product.

Second, we provide free online life insurance information and then show you how to shop for it.

This is a completely unbiased resource because; the ads placed on this site are chosen by Google -not us. So you can search for the information that is relevant to you and then click on an ad that is important for you. We don’t pick the ads -Google does.

So you can rest assured that we will only deliver true, up to date quality content based on what you need. This content is written solely with the understanding that the consumer (you) desires an accurate representation of a given insurance company based on research conducted by two people. (myself and my wife)

We use consumer reviews and the AM Best financial strength analysis program. This gives you two ways to cross reference a company for a low term life insurance rate or web whole life insurance quotes.

We have no allegiance to one company over another because we don’t make commissions on the life insurance sales. It’s a win/win situation for both you and this website.

How to get your fixed term life insurance or whole life insurance quote:

Go to the “Search Site” button in the left NAV bar. There you can enter your keyword or question and a number of results will show on the page regarding term whole life insurance quotes.

Or use it here:

Read the valuable information on these pages until you are confident about the right policy for you.

Can’t find what you need? Send us a message on the “Contact Us” form.

We usually respond within 48 hours with the answer you need. If you don’t have an answer we will research and find what you are looking for. We may even write a new page if it is not present with the valuable information that you desire.

If you click on one of these ads you can buy the life insurance of your choice from a company of your choice.

But also note that we cannot guarantee your customer satisfaction through the companies with whom you do business.

We can only guarantee the accuracy and quality of the content on this site. In that; we strive to be excellent and assist you the customer (not the insurance company).

Okay, now what?

There are many policy types of life insurance available at your fingertips. If you are like most people your needs will be different than mine or the next guy/gals. Your income is different. Your assets are different and responsibilities are different.

Answer a few questions for yourself before getting term whole life insurance quotes:

1. How much insurance do you need? Go to Whole Life Insurance Calculator page.

2. Which policy type will be the best choice for you? Go to Term VS Whole Life Insurance.

3. Who should you cover on the life insurance policy?

4. Who will the beneficiary/s be? (who will the money go to?) Go to choosing Beneficiaries to Life Insurance Policies.

5. Should the policy cover multiple people (family members or employees)? Go to choosing Beneficiaries to Life Insurance Policies.

If you have a life insurance policy that is provided by a company that you work for you should also consider what will happen if you leave that job?

Did you know that life insurance gets more expensive as you get older on a corporate plan or to re-apply?

Did you know that a level term or whole life policy premiums stay the same during the life of the policy? But if you cancel it and try to reapply at a later date you will be re-rated at your current age (not the age when you first applied).

For this reason it is beneficial even if you have a corporate life insurance policy (life insurance provided by the company that you work for) to also have your own stand alone individual life insurance policy.

Why is this important?

If you lose your job after ten years you may now need to purchase your own life insurance product. You will be ten years older than you were when your job first began and your rates could be much, much higher. This also is assuming that you can even get covered. If a major health event happens you may not be able to secure an affordable policy at all.

We always encourage others to buy a stand-alone individual life insurance policy in the amount that you need as soon as possible. Term whole life insurance quotes can be found through ad links on many of these pages.


Don’t wait too long on life insurance, because we NEVER know when our time is up. Life happens without our prior consent or approval. Accidents happen. And major sickness happens even to the healthiest of us.

I am fairly certain that most of us do not want to leave unwanted expenses and bills for our loved ones to be responsible for. We need to be diligent in the time that this life gives us; and care for the ones that are near and dear to our lives.

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