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Looking for Smoker Affordable Term Life Insurance Rates?

In general; you can expect to pay about twice as much for smoker affordable term life insurance over a non-tobacco client. Finding affordable life insurance -if you use tobacco can be a daunting task. Doesn’t seem fair does it? But you should expect to pay about twice as much just because you enjoy tobacco products.

The bad news is that there is nothing you can do to change the rates; the good news is that some life insurance companies can still offer pretty good rates for the tobacco user. The difficult part is finding them.

How can I find these companies that offer the lowest term life insurance rates for tobacco users?

• Research the company first; you only want to work with an insurance company if they have an intention of paying your claim (if you pass away). Check their financial stability through the use of AM Best financial analysis.

• Then read some consumer reviews on the company; be sure they have a good customer satisfaction rating and don’t have too many negative reviews.

• Get quotes from at least 3 different companies and compare the exact same product. This way you know you are considering competitive products and will get accurate results.

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Find the Best Life Quotes for your Age, Gender, and Tobacco use or Non Tobacco;

In some situations such as chewing tobacco you can often be rated as non-tobacco by the insurance company. I know of at least one insurance company (Prudential) that does this type of rating system. Chewing tobacco rating is not considered as a tobacco user. It is a-typical for a chewing tobacco user to result in death as a result of tobacco use.

Whereas smoking cigarettes must result in a much higher percentage of a cancer causing death rate. This is pure speculation on my part; but I cannot think of any other reason that an insurance company would hold this position on chewing tobacco use.

Do your homework; get several quotes and go with the one that seems most competitive given your research. I would not necessarily purchase the cheapest smoker affordable term life insurance policy that you find but look for a competitive edge instead.