Ohio Term Life Insurance Quote – What to Know Before Getting Your Life Quotes

>Know how much life insurance you need. A good place to start is to take your income and multiply by 8 to 10. So if you make $80k per year, somewhere between 640k and 800k would be about the right amount.

  • Determine if you want to buy online or buy from a local brick and mortar insurance agency. There are advantages to both. Price is usually lower for the online life insurance rates, but then you often will have to do much of the legwork yourself. You don’t have an agent representing you.


These are the first two steps and the easy ones. Next we set out to determine where to get the policy and what kind will fit you best.

Choosing the Best Policy

If you already know the type of policy to get skip this step. If you are unsure, read this article about choosing the best type of life insurance, then return to this page.

In all likelyhood a combination of a term life policy and whole life policy may be the best for you. Most of us fall into this gap where both would suit our needs better than just one.

The best place to get an Ohio term life insurance quote

The cheapest rates are going to be provided by online life insurance companies such as Select Quote. The advantages here is going to be price and convenience. And they are good at this.

Some buyers want the more personal approach and are concerned with what may happen if a death occurs and a claim just be made. These are certainly valid fears. If you want an agent to represent you then you have no choice but to look to a local agent.

The best advice I can give here is to find a local agent that comes highly recommended. Look for someone who is prominent in the local community. Their reputation is going to be far more valuable to them than loosing money on a policy. They will have plenty of reasons to keep their clients happy.


Also, if possible find someone that has been recommended by at least two other people whom you know and trust.


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