No Medical Life Insurance Quotes May Sound Like a Great Idea

No Medical Life Insurance Quotes Are a Great Idea right? Maybe…

Why would you want no medical life insurance quotes?

For some clients; they may need a no medical policy because of known health problems. Or, you may be too busy to take a health exam for your life insurance. In either case; you should know that no medical life insurance will be more expensive; but why?

No Medical Life Insurance Quotes will be more costly than full medical exam life insurance because the insurance company is assuming more risk. If a client is applying for a non-medical policy the insurance company is placed in a position to lose more than a client whose health conditions are known.

Placing a giant question mark about your health risk is going to do one thing; cause an insurance company to be worried about your health status.

What this will mean for you is that they will increase your rates to make sure they don’t take a bath on your policy.

Insurance companies are in the business of making money; if they do not think they can make money on your policy; the rates will increase.

A term life insurance medical exam is easy and will save you money. The only reason you should shop for a non-medical policy is if your health is poor and you cannot secure a life insurance policy through typical measures. (Application and health exam)

The best life health disability insurance quotes will always go to those in the best health and who use the premed exam provided by the insurance company. These exams are normally free to the applicant and can be performed in the home or office of the insured.

One other option for No Medical Life Insurance:

Group insurance life term policies do offer an economical way to get the life coverage you need. You should contact your employer HR department to see the life insurance policies available. These polices are typically a group rate type and do not need a physical or medical exam.

For the best life insurance rate quotes the medical exam life insurance policy performed at application will offer the best rates on stand-alone life products. If you can secure them go this route. If your health is a limiting factor, contact your employer to take advantage of any group policy they may have. You last ditch effort should be the non-medical type policy.

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