Low Cost Life Insurance Plan for You and Me

If you are in the middle of looking for a low cost life insurance plan then this is is a good place to start. Why? Because you need some unbiased help and simply to be pointed in the right direction first correct?

This is all we do. We do not sell life insurance online. We are not looking to make a sale off of you. So it is in our best interest to do all we can to help you make an informed decision. That’s all we do, try to help you.

Low Cost Life Insurance Plan on the Web?

You will likely find the cheapest life insurance on the web? The reason is simple. There are no middle men and agents to pay a commission to. Every brick and mortar insurance agent out there aside from online insurance will make a commission on the policy that is sold to you. Web insurance doesn’t work this way.

  • This can also be troublesome if it comes time to make a claim
  • Here is where you must be sure you are working with a company that has your interest in mind

Getting life insurance is easy. Its fast, and trouble free. But it can also be expensive. Especially if you end up buying from a company who has no intention on paying out a claim on the insureds life. My guess is that this is the reason you are still reading…

What Kind of Plan will Be Low Cost

Most low cost plans are going to be of the Term Life insurance variety. This type of policy will cover the insured person for a specified period of time of say 10, 20, or 30 years. If you outlive the period or ‘term’ then the policy matures and it is gone. This is why they cost less than other types of policies like whole life insurance.

Find a Reputable Company

The best company we have found in all our research is Primerica. We get paid ZERO commissions from Primerica Life Insurance company. Zero. They don’t even place ads on this site (we wish they did). But I have to tell you that they are that good, so good we can’t overlook them regardless of where they do or do not advertise. Their customer satisfaction rating is extremely high. Higher than any other company we have seen to date.

Another good company is Geico. This one is surprising to be honest… But, Geico scores very well for customer satisfaction. Often a company as large as Geico doesn’t typically fare very well in keeping customers happy. Geico is clearly very different from the norm in this industry. They do a great job of making you the customer their main priority. Give them a look for sure.

There are others, but those are the best two right now, so go look them up!

Primerica and Geico, anyone else?

There are good companies out there for sure. But you are best to look at their ratings first before taking a gamble on any company. The other factor as we mention on other pages is that a good agent can make bad company seem like a good one. This is okay. If the agent is doing the work for you, such as filing a claim, then that counts for a lot. Problem is, you never know how an agent will act in an emergency until you are in one.