Louisiana Term Life Insurance Rates -Some things you should know first!

Looking for Louisiana term life insurance rates is just one Step Away:

We don’t sell life insurance; and that’s a good thing! How could you trust us with your Louisiana term life insurance rates or information if we did?

By offering free advice you can trust our content and find the best rates on Louisiana life insurance policies. Learn here first, and then buy your life insurance. Some of our pundits have asked why we don’t sell any life insurance policies through our site.

It’s simple really; we want to remain an unbiased source so that you can believe what we have to say. The more folks like you that find this site useful, the more we can help more people like you.

This site was built for one thing; to advise the general public about the current life insurance situation and to help you make wise educated decisions for you and your loved ones future.

There may be some honest life insurance agents out there; but how do you know which ones are factual and which are self-serving? Life insurance is a high commission market and because of this, there are many, many agents and companies fighting for your business (money).

Our goal is to assist you in weeding through the chaff and find the best insurance company for you to do business with.

How we rate companies for Louisiana Term Life Insurance Rates and Other States:

AM Best offers a variety of resources for the insurance buyer. The most important of which (we believe) is financial strength analysis of life insurance companies.

We weed through this data and post it in easy to understand terms for your use.

Customer Reviews are a great way to see how popular and trustworthy any specific insurance company may be -by taking care of the customers that they currently have. This includes the entire PR process from paying claims -to their customer resources and information departments.

Some companies have designed their claims process and information centers to be difficult to navigate. (To delay or eradicate the payment of claims) You don’t want to find out too late that filing a claim will take an act-of-God in order to successfully navigate.

Our goal is to steer you toward insurance companies that take joy in making your day/month/year by paying the claim that is due to your beneficiaries should you or an insured loved one pass away. Anything less would be not only wrong, but certainly qualify as frustration-worth-avoiding.

Louisiana Term Life Insurance Rates:

Look for an insurance company that has both a strong financial rating by AM Best; and

-be a company that offers very good customer satisfaction ratings.

Here are some resources to help you get this done: Open a new tab in your browser and copy and paste the following URL:

These are safe sites, I’ve been here a hundred times so don’t worry about spamming.


In their search bar enter the company that you are interested in and read the customer satisfaction ratings. Then come back here and check out the following link:

Cross reference the company name on both sites too ~ http://www.ambest.com/

Enter the company name in “rating and analysis” where it says “enter a company name” within the typing field.

When you have your data, type in the company names of at least two or three other insurance companies and see how they compare. Read through some of the reviews and find a company that you like. Take your time.


Cross your fingers and hope you win with-a-company-that-cares by sheer luck.

But you may be surprised that some very large –well-known life insurance companies do not score well. Many large well-known insurance companies have reputations that are just-plain-deplorable.

Read some of Our Reviews Below:

On a high note, there are some great insurance companies with excellent customer satisfaction numbers. We are not paid by any of these companies.

We receive no commissions except through ads placed on this site.

And we allow no advertising by specific insurance companies. In other words; this is an unbiased resource to help you choose the right insurance company and find the right insurance policy for your situation:

Read more here about Good Companies for: Louisiana Term Life Insurance Rates -Good Companies with Which to Give Your Business;

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