Life Insurance Company Rating Information, Get the Right Info Before You Buy!

Life Insurance Company Rating – How does your life company rate?

Been looking for life insurance Company rating and customer satisfaction numbers?

We have compiled a short list of some companies that should be avoided and companies with which to do business.

  • Please keep in mind that this is not a conclusive list.
  • We do not have all life insurance companies listed here. (there are hundreds) Such as the Montana term life insurance rates article.

If nothing else is accomplished you have some sure bets and some you should avoid.

Do not assume that if the company you are considering life insurance with is not included here you are choosing a good or a bad company.

Choose a company with high Customer satisfaction

The good news is that there are some good life insurance companies available. When looking for them check at least two things:

Customer satisfaction ratings

AM Best financial strength rating

Our list is limited because it takes time to do this research.

Hopefully as more companies become aware of being called out on bad behavior – they may clean up their act.

Even then, it is better to pick a life insurance company that is well known for their good reputation.

How we conduct company ratings?

We scour not only customer reviews but also use AM Best for financial strength ratings.

This is a cross reference of not only what you and others think but the companies ability to pay claims.

A Few Life Insurance-Company-Reviews

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