Disclosure: What this site does, how it makes money, and what you need to Know

This site makes an income by ad space, Google AdSense ads and affiliate marketing ads. In the case of Google AdSense we don’t make decisions on what ads are placed on this site.

Google Ads: We write the articles, place Google’s code, and Google decides which ads to place on our site. We have no control over which ads they place or from which insurance companies.

It is in our best interest to write insightful and helpful reviews and information. Information that Is useful to the person who needs to learn more about life insurance and related subjects.

We have no reason to be untruthful because we do not associate with any specific insurance company. We have no reason to tell you nothing but the truth.

Often, insurance companies write to us upset because we have posted a less than positive review about a specific company.

Our reviews are based on customer reviews and satisfaction ratings. This information is completely unbiased. It’s not our fault or the customer’s fault that some insurance companies have not made it their goal to keep customer loyalty and satisfaction high.

We try to maintain an environment where you have every reason to trust our recommendations.

We don’t receive commissions from any one specific company. In almost all cases we don’t even choose the ads.

Ads that we do choose tend to be of a non-threatening variety such as exercise equipment for example.

We believe that this gives us a specific advantage for the customer as we have every reason to simply tell it like it is.

You, the customer are the most important asset we have.