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Life Insurance Companies UK based and Abroad:

Looking for Good Life Insurance Companies UK and residing areas? Solid Life Insurance companies have two things in common;

High customer satisfaction ratings and High AM Best financial strength ratings.

Find term life insurance medical exam type policies along with Insurance Life load no term style policies and a host of other life insurance types for your family or business.

We offer free life insurance advice on this site and want you to have a positive life insurance buying experience. Please note that we do not sell any life insurance policies here. So it is easy for us to be unbiased and only offer advice that we have learned through our research, experience and training.

This article was written to help you discover some good Insurance companies that are available in the UK and surrounding areas.

Some of these companies are global and some will be more local but either way the ratings are based on two things both of which we will provide the resources for.

One: AM Best insurance ratings will help you determine if the insurance company holds the financial strength that you deserve.

Two: Customer reviews are great because they give a solid indication of the performance of the claims department. Customers who give bad reviews don’t help the company reputation. In some cases the only people who care about this are the loved ones who are stuck picking up the pieces.

If you don’t want this to be your family I suggest you read on. Finding the right policy to buy insurance life online term is going to be a lot easier than you think.

Top Ten Life Insurance Companies UK –from AM Best: (as of 09/01/2010) The Best Life Insurance Companies UK Available:

1. ACE European Group Limited

      ACE Limited aa- A+ XIII

Allianz Insurance plc Allianz Societas Europaea aa A+ g XV

Chubb Insurance Company of Europe SE The Chubb Corporation aa+ A++ g XV

Faraday Reinsurance Co. Limited Berkshire Hathaway Inc aa+ A++ g XV

General Reinsurance UK Limited Berkshire Hathaway Inc aa+ A++ g XV

USAA Limited United Services Automobile Association aaa A++ g XV

FM Insurance Company Limited Factory Mutual Insurance Company aa A+ g XV

Great Lakes Reinsurance (UK) PLC Munich Reinsurance Company aa- A+ g XV

HSB Engineering Insurance Limited Munich Reinsurance Company aa- A+ g X

Legal & General Assurance Society Limited Legal & General Group plc aa- A+ XV

This list is in no particular order, these are all A+ or A++ rated companies. Reference from

Customer Support Ratings and Customer Experience – Term Life Ins Quote:

The customer reviews for:

ACE European Group limited -No data for customer reviews insurance quotes health and life.

Allianz Insurance PLC: customer reviews for this company were slightly above average.

  • Extremely Satisfied 27%
  • Very satisfied 23%
  • Somewhat satisfied 4%
  • Unsatisfied 12%
  • Very unsatisfied 35%

Chubb Insurance Company: Overall this company scored about average or a little below. Notice that the “very satisfied” numbers are worse than the previous company. Also the “very unsatisfied” is pretty poor. This could still be a good company to work with but they have had some CS issues.

  • Extremely satisfied 33%
  • Very satisfied 7%
  • Somewhat satisfied 9%
  • Unsatisfied 2%
  • Very unsatisfied 50%

Faraday Reinsurance Co: no data for insurance quotes health and life.

General Reinsurance UK limited: no data for customer reviews affordable insurance life term UK.

USAA limited United Services Automobile Association: This Company is better than the previous companies for customer satisfaction. These numbers don’t look that impressive but they really are pretty good for customer service reviews in the insurance field.

  • Extremely satisfied 53%
  • Very satisfied 11%
  • Somewhat satisfied 9%
  • Unsatisfied 7%
  • Very unsatisfied 21%

FM Insurance Company Limited Factory Mutual Insurance Company: no customer service data for either whole term life insurance UK.

Great Lakes Reinsurance Company: no customer service data or cheap life insurance quotes UK data available.

HSB Engineering Insurance Limited Munich Reinsurance Company: no customer service data available.

Legal & General Assurance Society Limited Legal & General Group PLC: no customer service records available at this time.

Don’t look for Cheap Life Insurance UK companies – Find the Best Life Insurance Companies UK has to offer:

We could not find customer service data on some of these companies so buy at your own risk. All of these companies have excellent AM Best Financial security ratings but some are better than others for customer satisfaction.

Just for comparison’s sake the best customer service record we have seen has been the Primerica Life Insurance Company. But as of now I don’t believe you can purchase insurance through this company in the UK.

None of this is to say that the companies with no data would be a poor company to work with. I just cannot confirm or deny their customer satisfaction ratings. I would probably be comfortable working with most of these top 10 AM Best Insurance companies in the UK. But some are obviously better than others. I hope this has been a help for you.

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