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Health Insurance: pays the doctors, hospitals and nurses in the event of major health event or injury. In the past, consumers had little in the way of out of pocket expenses. In the last few years all of this has changed.

Health insurance premiums have risen in costs so much in the last five years that the average employer simply cannot afford to cover 100% of these costs. To do so, in some cases would mean the companies entire annual profit or possibly even running negative. So companies and individuals have been forced into higher deductible plans which include higher out of pocket costs. Co-pays, deductibles and co-insurance are ways to offset the increasing health care costs.

Disability Insurance: Pays the insured if he/she cannot work due to an off job injury or illness. Work related injuries are typically covered by workers comp. Some disability plans do cover on-job injuries but they are fairly uncommon. Disability is income replacement type insurance. Helps you maintain your standard of living after an accident/ illness. Coverage varies from 3 months to 24 months with many options for waiting periods.

The rates on disability plans have stayed pretty steady as these rates are determined by the amount of income of the insured, waiting periods, and length of the benefit period. In general these rates are not affected by the rising costs of health care.

Life Insurance: Pays a death benefit to beneficiaries upon the death of the insured. Life insurance rates are not affected by rising health insurance costs. Rates are determined by occupation, sex, age, and health conditions of the insured.

Auto insurance: Covers hospitalization, vehicle repairs/replacement, and sometimes disability coverage related to the accident.

Homeowners Insurance: covers repairs to the home for damages from fire, theft, water, etc.

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Disability insurance is available to you in several ways;

    • buying your own stand-alone policy through a local or internet insurance agency.

• Purchasing a plan through your place of work’ insurance provider through payroll deduction.

• Purchasing a mortgage disability plan that pays the monthly mortgage if you are disabled.

The Health Insurance Dilemma; Life Health Disability Insurance Quotes

Health insurance has become tremendously expensive as I’ve already mentioned and you are probably keenly aware of this too. Health insurance has become the topic of heated debate recently not least of which because our government has become involved in making some of these decisions for us.

Since our current health insurance system is an open market business you may be surprised to find out that it will remain open market even after the government takes over health insurance in 2014. We will still be buying insurance from insurance providers such as Anthem, United Health Care etc.

Sadly, we get to pay for it for this over next 3 years before we will ever see the benefits of government health care. (In the form of taxes) But with government healthcare -we will also get to pay for our government inefficiencies added to the mix as well.

My guess is that this should work like an escrow account so that the government has some time to adequately account for expenses of the program. I must admit that I am not a big fan of more government control; but I understand why they are doing it.

Our current healthcare system is a mess. Everyone knows it; which is why the US is trying to fix it.

But do I think that the government can fix it? No. How is the social security system working? -Not very good.

Just a guess, but I think we will all be paying more than we are now for healthcare. I think the problem is; once they (our government) have a stronghold in the system, how likely are they to give it up? Not likely; there is simply too much money involved and the government stands to profit immensely from the health insurance industry; possibly only to provide more government jobs that weren’t available prior or necessary.

However, there is some good news about life health disability insurance quotes ;

I think there are a few good things that may come out of this arrangement:

1. If we are forced to be insured this will likely mean that fewer of us are uninsured. Theoretically this should help bring down the costs. Uninsured health events are one reason that hospitals are forced to charge more for its services.

With more people paying the health insurance bills there should be a leveling out of spikes in health insurance rates. I’m not entirely sure how this can be accurately measured as the data at this time is unknown. (How many of you will be able to afford to pay for insurance if the costs are six hundred dollars per month and your income is only twelve hundred?)

This is one giant question mark that no one seems able to answer. Some have speculated that lower income households will not have to pay anything; or a much smaller amount. Then how much will you be paying to cover their expenses for this guaranteed health insurance? No one knows! And I doubt that the figures they have released to the public are enough to cover the costs.

2. Another way of saving on costs is; by the government controlling how much physicians and surgeons are allowed to charge for their services. This has some obvious merits such as controlling known costs.

But this could also backfire; if incomes become limited, who will endure 12 years of school and debt to become an income limited surgeon? I think we will have a shortage of excellent doctors to draw from in the next 10 to 20 years. Those same people that were looking to become high paid doctors will simply go to school for something else instead. Highly motivated intelligent people that could have been doctors may now switch over and become high paid highly motivated attorneys or whatever, pick your poison.

I’m not in denial that our system is flawed; but I’m also not in denial that government health care will be any better. In fact, I think it will be much worse but for completely different reasons.

So the million dollar question remains; how much money will be made from new insurance premiums or by penalties paid at tax time. (My understanding is that the government plan will penalize the uninsured at tax time if they don’t have coverage.)

And will it be enough for you to pay for your neighbors’ health insurance coverage? Because if your neighbors don’t make enough to cover their insurance costs guess who just picked up the bill?

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