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Our Review of the Primerica Life Insurance Company:

Using information from AM Best and other sources here are the trends for this company.

AM Best company rating is:

  • A+ Primerica Life Insurance Ratings according to AM Best
  • Company Outlook is: Negative
  • According to AM Best the company is receiving a “negative” trending which just means that there are a number of factors to indicate that this company may soon have a decrease in rating.
  • This could mean that instead of a A+ rating Primerica may trend down toward an A or A- rating. In some situations a company’s financial strength could trend down even further into B status.

Even then an A or A- company strength score is pretty good. I’m not sure this would lead me to purchase from another insurance company. AM Best thinks this company will be re-rated as an A- which is still very good.

Sometimes finding cheap insurance life rate term policies or information is a balance of compromises.


Customer Satisfaction Ratings for Insurance life Primerica Quote Term Company:

This is where the Primerica Life Insurance Company really struts its stuff. Across the board, customer satisfaction numbers are much higher than other competing companies.

Here are the breakdowns for customer reviews:

  • Extremely Satisfied – 84%
  • Very Satisfied – 1%
  • Somewhat Satisfied – 4%
  • Unsatisfied – 1%
  • Very Unsatisfied – 10%

It may not look like it but these are very impressive numbers.

Please consider that 80% of unsatisfied customers will make a negative review. While only 20% of satisfied customers will take the time to make a review.

Customers typically are much more willing to complain than to offer praise for a company so these are very, very good numbers.

Results from this survey can be found at:

I would buy life insurance from Primerica without a doubt.

The company is strong enough for financial strength but more importantly their reputation with their customers is clearly very important.


  • If you are considering Insurance life Primerica quote term through Primerica I say go for it!
  • It’s a good company that is stable and appeals to customers with real value.
  • If you are thinking that all my reviews are glowing and positive, you need to take another look at some of my other insurance company reviews.

Have a look around this site; you’ll see that the Primerica Life Insurance Company is definitely something special.

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