Globe Life Accident Insurance Co or Globe Term Life Insurance Company Review

Globe Life Accident Insurance Co rates and Reviews; is Globe Term Life Insurance a good company for you to do business with?

Okay so you have decided to do some research on Globe Life Accident Insurance co.

I’m sure you know by now that Globe life Insurance company sells more than just accident policies though. They also sell Life insurance and a host of other products.

This article doesn’t go into detail on the products that Globe Life sells. What we are looking into is the viability of your relationship with them. Are they a company with which you want to do business?

What is in order -is a review of the company financial strength, their ability to pay their claims and also their customer reviews; what folks like you and I think about them based on our experience.

These reviews are pretty important because they are taken from an independent source (listed below) not related to the company (or this site) and show a company’s willingness to pay claims and their general customer satisfaction, customer service departments.

Customer reviews are not the be all and end all of information you should seek. But this combined with their AM Best Financial strength ratings will give you a very good indication if Globe Life Accident Insurance Co is a company you want to work with. You might ask why we should care.

Why is this site providing this information?

This site makes an income from ad space that you see within the pages. We place code from Google AdSense and Chitika Mini-malls within the content of these pages. Those companies then scan our pages and offer ads that they feel will be relevant.

What this means for you is that you get unbiased advice from a licensed insurance agent that wants to help you with your life insurance purchase. And, we have no reason not to give you the full scoop and hold nothing back.

Either way the information is here for free if you choose to use it.

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AM Best Insurance company ratings:

Globe Life and Accident Insurance Co Insurance – Life, Annuity, and Accident (Operating Company)

A+ financial strength rating

Stable aa- Stable US: Nebraska

Customer Reviews Section:

Run like the wind. This has to be one of the worst set of customer satisfaction ratings I have ever come across. Here is the breakdown of customer review results.

Extremely Satisfied: 6%

Very satisfied: 11%

Somewhat satisfied: 6%

Unsatisfied: 0%

Very Unsatisfied: 78%

Test results at:

This is an example of a company with a decent financial strength profile and very negative customer experience results. They may be financially strong at the expense of their customers. If I were spending my money I would definitely not stop here.

Globe Life Accident Insurance Co:

There are plenty of other good insurance companies that are willing to work for your business and try to keep it even after the sale.

Customer reviews obviously aren’t everything.

But they do give you one more piece of the picture. Taken as a whole you have to balance whether it is worth the risk. And, only you can make that final decision.

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