Geico Life Insurance, an unbiased opinion on the company

Geico Life Insurance

Honestly, I was surprised by the ratings for Geico life insurance and their company as a whole. I thought they might be all hype. Turns out I was wrong. This is a great company to work with. Not only do they do a variety of different types of insurance products, they care about their reputation, so theoretically you could use them for all your insurance needs. Home, auto, life insurance, even motorcycle insurance. The only product I don’t believe they offer is health insurance.

Using the same sources as the other pages their ratings are as follows. Keep in mind the other companies were scoring closer to 50% for completely unsatisfied customers. And generally speaking these surveys turn out a lot of mad customers.

What this means is that these really are pretty good numbers even though they don’t look all that great.

Very Unsatisfied customers 30%

Extremely satisfied 32%

Very satisfied 19%

These really are good numbers for this survey group. Here are the links to the results pages.


Geico Life Insurance -keys to a good company


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