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If you have ever found yourself searching for life insurance quotes through a finder insurance life rate term system you may have found only one thing; Life insurance companies that promote the sales of their own life products.

Maybe this is not such a big deal but which has more credibility? A company promoting their own products or a customer that has purchased from the company and has written a favorable review about said company? I can tell you who of these I think hold more value.

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Life insurance companies are a dime a dozen. There are thousands of insurance companies all making great claims about the superiority of their brand. So how can you know whom to trust with your business?

Personally, I would do my own research. Maybe it’s just me but I’m always a bit skeptical when someone is touting their own product. I know that advertising needs to be done. I’m now discrediting that. But when you do a search, you will likely find the top results to be companies that offer their own products.

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There are companies that posts consumer reviews of insurance companies. Here is an example:

There are also companies that post financial strength analysis such as this one:

Both of these resources offer a wealth of information. We also do reviews on insurance companies. But I will admit we do not have hundreds of reviews to choose from. (Only about 15 reviews right now) We do not make any income from any insurance companies on this site. So we have no reason not to tell it like it is.

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