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A review of Farm Insurance Life State Term (State —- Insurance company)

A friend of mine sells Farm insurance life state term policies in our town. He (let’s call him Jim) is a great guy that serves his clients very well I’m sure. Any insurance agent worth his/her salt is going to treat their customers like he does; very gently, because he wants his customers to return. A good agent will make or break your opinion and attitude toward insurance sales people.

Many insurance sales agents are type A, highly motivated and aggressive individuals. They have to be; sales are a tough way to make a living. I’m not implying that you can’t make any money selling insurance because you can, but you have to hustle or you will starve.

My guess is that this is part of the problem associated with sales people in general. These aggressive people tend to intimidate and turn-off others to whom they would like to make a sale from.

I don’t think Jim does this. He’s too nice of a guy. And he is always extremely busy which makes me think that others must like him too. As an added bonus Jim seems pretty detailed, so he probably explains the policies well so his clients know what they are getting. Jim is a good example of how to do insurance the right way. And I think he is adding to the strength of the company. But not all of the data about this company is rosey. Read on to see why.

State ____ Insurance Company has been around forever -or since 1922

The first auto insurance policy was sold by GJ Mecherle for State Harm in 1922. Now State —- (name of company edited to keep from trademark infringement, there are various spellings of the famous name on this page) offers state barn term life insurance, life insurance whole universal term, and over 100 other insurance products. This is a brief review of Farm Insurance life State Company.

AM Best Financial Strength Analysis:

Insurance Company received an A++ rating from AM Best.

Outlook is: Stable – meaning that they are expected to keep this A++ rating for the coming term.

Summary: these are very good financial strength indicators. Based on this data company strength seems to be high.

Consumer Reviews for Farm Insurance Company:

These are unbiased reviews provided by clients and customers of State Barn Insurance.

Extremely Satisfied: 23%

Very Satisfied: 16%

Somewhat Satisfied: 13%

Unsatisfied: 14%

Very Unsatisfied: 35%

Source at:

Alternatives Comanies that offer better customer experiences:

The customer reviews are pretty bleak. I know that there will always be negative press about large companies and folks feeling taken advantage of. So maybe you can see past them. If not, here a few alternatives.

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