Company Health Insurance Life Mega, RUN don’t walk from This Insurance Company!

The Good News? the Bad Press is out on Mega Insurance and the Company Health Insurance Life Mega:

Mega Insurance and the company health insurance life Mega is being discovered for their business practices…

I have to say, I find a bit of satisfaction in writing this review. I really hate it when insurance companies take advantage of consumers.

So when I started reviewing for this page I quickly discovered that the Mega life health insurance company was receiving a ton of very negative press.

I can also say that at one time I owned a health insurance policy through Mega Life and Health Insurance; although, I never had to use the policy.

Why do I enjoy it so much when a company receives bad press? Because all too often these large companies step all over the consumer with no regard for your security, financial stability or well-being. They don’t care about you and it is painfully obvious.

Why shouldn’t they pay for it by everyone learning what they have been up to?

It turns out that Mega Insurance is being sued by multiple states, organizations, and individuals.

When looking at their customer satisfaction results I almost laughed.

Their marks were dismally poor as you will soon see.

The funniest part is that my source (shown below) clearly states that some of Mega’s insurance agents and employees have been trying to stuff the review system with positive reviews. (to skew the results) And they got caught doing it.

So let me get this straight; The Company encourages its employees to cheat consumer reviews after they receive poor press from their unscrupulous dealings? Great!


Customer Reviews Results:

-these results may also not be as bad as they should as some of Mega’s agents and employees were caught stuffing the system with positive reviews.

Extremely Satisfied 22%

Very Satisfied 7%

Somewhat Satisfied 3%

Unsatisfied 5%

Very Unsatisfied 62%

Even with their unscrupulous positive stuffing these are terrible review results. Results from:

AM Best ratings:

AM Best rating is B++

This rating is neither bad nor good but considering the business practices that earned them this rating just makes it all the worse.

I believe this is called ‘stealing from the consumer to increase their financial strength’. Nice! This is just my opinion, but deductive reasoning will tell you this is likely true.

Outlook is “negative”; meaning the rating B++ are also on the way down. Their credit life insurance quotes aren’t any more optimistic for long term customer satisfaction.

I wouldn’t be surprised if this company files bankruptcy within the next few years. Problem is they will probably come back with a different name and do it all over again.

Special Attorney Reports about Company Health Insurance Life Mega:

I’m sorry but this is just as funny; attorney writings are taking place for consumers against this company.

They are offering free advice to run from this unscrupulous company as fast as you can. I’m guessing a few of these attorneys were bitten by the Mega Life Bug and took it upon themselves to warn the rest of us.

Here’s the location of one of the sources –

“If you purchased a healthcare policy from MEGA Life and Health Insurance Company (MEGA), you may not have the kind of coverage that was promised to you. That’s what many MEGA policy holders have found out the hard way.”

While I found some of these reports entertaining the truth is that this company has hurt a lot of insured folks just like us. My fun in the matter is in seeing the company receive the bad press that their actions deserve. This time there is some justice, although I’ll bet that the person’s injured by Mega Life and Health feel a bit different about it.

Summary for Company Health Insurance Life Mega:

With all the negative reports so easily found online I would not waste my time or money on any policy from this company. It just isn’t worth the risk to find out that they do not honor insured/ insurer relationship or take it seriously.

There are too many good insurance companies that will work hard for your business and work hard to keep it. Mega life health insurance Company is not one of them. Look elsewhere for your life health disability insurance quotes and policies!