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Banner Life Insurance Company

How are the satisfaction ratings for Banner Life Insurance Company? These are results taken by real customers who posted their results to AMBest. During the course of filing claims seems to be where most consumers run into problems with life insurance companies. Usually the beneficiaries file a claim either on their own or with the help of their local agents who sold them the policy.

This is where they run into problems most of the time. Insurance companies make money by keeping paid claims to a minimum. So there are a myriad of ways to stall or keep you from getting the money. Usually, these rejected claims can be fought and won FYI.

Keep this in mind. And include it in your instructions to your loved ones should you pass away. I always encourage policyholders to keep all these documents in a safe somewhere that the beneficiaries can have easy access to them should something happen to the insured. (you)

This way, they can find the documents and also have instructions on what to do in your absence. This is business, show them what to do, who to call. I would also you encourage them to understand that even if a claim is rejected that it is not the end of the line. If they are getting no-where with the company. Consult an attorney and have a letter drafted telling the company what is about to happen, or will happen if the claim is not paid.

Most of the time if a denied claim goes to court the insurance company will lose. This is a fact because the language in a policy can be difficult to understand. The courts know this, the insured knows this, and the insurance companies also know this. Fight for what is yours, or in this case, what is rightfully the beneficiaries money. Most of the time, you can pretty easily get the money paid on a claim as a result of this.

Extremely unsatisfied customers: 60%

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Banner Life Insurance Survey Results

What insurance policy/policies do you have with this company?

How long have you had a policy with this company?

Overall, how satisfied are you, with your insurance company?

How likely are you to renew your insurance policy/policies with this insurance company?

Would you recommend this insurance company to your friends and family?

Have you ever had occasion to file a claim?

How do you rate the claims handling and fairness of any settlement?

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It might be a good idea to find a better company

If you are considering a life insurance company to do business with I would look to a different life insurance company.

A company that would be worth considering should have at the very least reasonable customer satisfaction numbers.

When I see these low numbers as described above I am reminded of just how these companies make their money.

By taking your money!

This company does not seem like they have your interest in mind.

I would look elsewhere.

Recommended companies?

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