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Aviva life InsuranceAviva life Insurance Review – “Finding the Best Life Insurance Company for You”

Ratings are posted below for Aviva life insurance… they may not be pretty but there are plenty of other great companies around. If you want to skip to the results see the bottom of this page. These results are taken from the AMBest and/or freeadvice.com insurance websites, so results here are correct and up to date. All links to those results are posted their as well.

Why are so many insurance companies doing so poorly?

Apparently, the industry standard for life insurance customer satisfaction is around 50%.

Unfortunately, the reviews for this company are even worse than that. Primerica is one company that would work harder for your business. They have good reviews. Every time I check Primerica I am surprised and impressed by their reviews and results. Easy shopping for sure with them.

Half of their clients posted low reviews

Half of their clients are mad or outright angry with their Insurance Company’s customer service.

Keep in mind that these are clients that felt the need to respond. So it is reasonable to assume that most happy customers will never say a word.

What you end up with are angry customers willing to tell the world so that you do not have the same experience that they had such as with this company.

With that in mind these numbers are still way too high for unsatisfied responses.

You should be able to find a company with “very unsatisfied” in the low 30% range. This is a satisfactory number believe it or not. And there are other companies on our review page that hit that mark.

There are a several companies that score higher in overall customer satisfaction.

Aviva Life customer satisfaction ratings

– http://insurance.freeadvice.com/reviews/235/ AMBest insurance reviews. Just enter the company name into their search bar and you will see the proof of results there.

Here are the results:

What insurance policy/policies do you have with this company?

How long have you had a policy with this company?

Overall, how satisfied are you, with your insurance company?

How likely are you to renew your insurance policy/policies with this insurance company?

Would you recommend this insurance company to your friends and family?

Have you ever had occasion to file a claim?

How do you rate the claims handling and fairness of any settlement?

Extremely satisfied 10%

Very satisfied 10%

Somewhat satisfied 10%

Satisfied 0%

Very unsatisfied 70%

Hardly good results to say the least. All these results were obtained from this site: https://insurance.freeadvice.com/reviews/406/survey/Aviva+Life/


It seems that a small percentage of less than 25% are very satisfied.

About 22% are somewhat satisfied and the rest are down right angry with this company. What do you think about this company? Add your own comments below if you have any.

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