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Application Insurance Life Online TermApplication Insurance Life Online Term – “Discount Term Life Insurance Rates for You”:

Filling out an application insurance life online term plan is easier than ever because of the internet.

More and more people are making the internet their place of business for insurance needs.

The trick is finding not only the best life insurance rate quotes; but also a company worth doing business with.

First the good news:

We do not have a sales pitch for you.

We are not trying to sell you on our discount term life insurance rates.

We don’t do this because we do not sell life insurance online.

This is a source of free information for you.

That is all!

We are licensed agents in the business of helping you the customer for free.

We do it this way so that you can be sure that this is an unbiased source. Otherwise, why would you believe us?

Who are “us” and “we”?

My wife Rachel and I are the authors of this site. Two people, that is all! If you were hoping for a larger company with tons of employees flying on corporate jets and getting bonuses every quarter – sorry to disappoint you.

This is a simple review and life insurance information site where you can find the best life insurance rate quotes from someone looking out for the little guy. We love people and want you to find a great life insurance deal that works well for you and your family. Okay, enough of the chatter! Let’s get busy!

Some Life Insurance Basics that you should understand first:

Get some “Quick Basics”; What is Term Insurance VS Whole Life?

Term insurance is temporary and will only cover you for a period of time. These terms are usually 10, 20, or 30 years long. There are some variations of term policies such as a 30 year term with Return of Premium Ryder.

The Return of Premium Ryder says that if you are still alive at the end of 30 years you get your money back. (Make sure to read the individual policy language for your policies terms and conditions.)

A return of Premium Ryder is usually an ad-on to a typical term policy. They are a bit more expensive than a basic term plan.

Whole life insurance will cover you for your whole life if you continue to pay the premiums as outlined in your policy.

These policies build cash value.

These policies can be borrowed against when the face amount reaches a certain value and maturity.

Each policy can be slightly different from the next so again, read the policy language to know the differences between each.

Those are the two most well know life insurance policy types.

You can find links to many insurance companies throughout this site from the AIG Term Life Insurance Company to State Farm Term Life Insurance. Some of the companies we have done full reviews on and some we have not.

There are a few stand-out gems such as Primerica Life Insurance Co which did very well on our review. There are also a few other companies that didn’t fare so well. Have a look around and ask any questions you like from the “Contact Us” form.

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