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Should you Get Insurance from the “American United Life Insurance Company?”

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You will find; survey results taken from real customers. All sources are provided from the link on this page. This includes source information and search results. We sometimes get requests to take down information from life insurance companies as not all the results we find are favorable. However, this is only a reporting system for a company that are posted by AMBest.

There were no claims filed by the respondents about this company so these results are somewhat provisional.

Good results from American United Life

Otherwise, this life insurance company has very good survey numbers. Customer satisfaction is high enough to be considered over most of the other insurance companies here within the survey.

Here are the stats:

Extremely satisfied 20%

Very satisfied 20%

Somewhat satisfied 20%

Satisfied 20%

Very unsatisfied 20%


These are nice numbers– but must be taken into account that these numbers do not reflect any claims data.

The survey results are posted here:



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