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Looking for a reliable insurance company with affordable term life insurance quotes? Our goal is to serve you in finding the right life insurance. Getting the right policy could be the small Affordable Term life insurance quotesdifference of spending twenty minutes reading on this site. Saving hundreds of dollars or even thousands over the life of policy is a small price to pay for twenty minutes today.

We are licensed in Ohio, Michigan and Indiana. So chances are good that you will be using this site for information purposes only.

Which means you can be sure that we are not interested in a sales commission.

So it is in our best interest ‘to tell it like it is’.

What does this mean? It means you can trust us. Life insurance agents make commissions on their sales. Some policy types pay much higher commissions than others.

Only after you have read and understand the descriptions on these pages you can click on a link to buy a policy.

Then we make a small income from that advertisers link. Because of this we can tell you the truth and not worry about which type of policy you choose.

Also, we do not have a quota to meet. Some folks are surprised to find out that in order to meet quota- agents and companies will push a specific policy on a client.

How would that help you? A different policy could have been a much better fit, but you didn’t know any better. This is unfortunate and occurs quite often. Getting the best policy for you and your family often takes a small amount of your time in research. Our goal is to help you with this research. Nothing else.

An insurance company may not sell very many policies of a specific type because we encouraged you not to. I’m sure that breaks your heart!

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