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One last thing to consider with affordable life insurance, -“accidental death life insurance” claims are almost always denied.

Find a good company first

Insurance companies will always try to prove that the insured had another health problem that

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was either not disclosed during application, or they will try to prove that the death was not caused by the accident itself.

Many times accidental death benefits are added onto regular life policies as a Ryder.

If you goal is useful affordable life insurance -you don’t need the Ryder.

Many times the coroners report supports this as well by not concluding equivocally that the death was in fact caused by the accident in question.

If death was not unquestionably caused by the accident the policy will not pay.

You would have to take the insurance company to court to have a chance of getting the proceeds.

Find a good Life insurance company…

A company takes your money with you expecting the premiums to be applied toward services rendered – in this case, paying the beneficiaries upon your death.

The insurance company reciprocates by taking your money, padding their pockets, and giving you nothing in return.

Knowing full well they had no intention of ever fulfilling their agreement with you.

The lesson to learn here is that more often than not accidental death policies and riders are generally a TOTAL WASTE OF MONEY.


It’s best to have a full life insurance policy that is structured to pay with proof of death regardless of how it occurred.

This assumes you are dealing with a strong insurance company with a great reputation of putting the customer’s needs first.

Life insurance should only be purchased through a company that takes pride in their reputation, not just in their sales volume.

It is my hope you find a great company with which to do business.

Sincerely, Peter

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