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affordable uk term life insuranceLearn – Affordable UK Term Life insurance Practices; Make your Money work For You:

Use the affordable UK term life insurance checklist (it’s free) such as this one.

Learn how to get a better quote through a company that will serve your needs more fully.

How to get the right life insurance policy for You


  1. Settle on an amount of coverage before requesting a quote from multiple companies. There are several ways that you can do this; one simple way is to take your annual income and multiply by 8. This is a common calculator for basic life insurance needs. Your actual needs may differ considerably but this is usually a good starting point.
  2. Understand the different types of policies and compare apples to apples. Getting one quote for whole life and another for a 30 year term will tell you nothing as to how the companies compare and their rates are concerned. When you compare insurance life rate term policies to one another; be sure they are like-kind policies. Include the same added-on Ryder’s for each policy as well.
  3. Get multiple quotes from different companies at the same time. You do not have to get a policy with every company, but this will give you more options. You will get a ‘feel’ for what type of price you should expect to pay for a given policy. Be honest about any health conditions, height, weight etc. You want an accurate quote from all parties.
  4. Before applying for coverage; be sure the company you are considering is of high value. Do some customer review searches on the web to see what kind of feedback this company is receiving. Enter the name of the insurance company like this example: “customer reviews prudential life insurance UK”, or something to that effect. Look through the first 10 or 20 results and read them carefully. Do this for each company you are considering. It will be time worthwhile spent. You will likely learn some things you didn’t know.
  5. Check the financial strength of the company at You can enter the company name in the search bar and find out immediately how well the company is doing financially. Keep in mind this isn’t a valid indicator of how well they pay their claims but all companies need money to pay claims. They aren’t likely to pay at all if they are broke.

Taking these steps will help you find the best insurance companies to work with and make sure you get a competitive quote:

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