Affordable Insurance Life term UK – find Cheap Life Insurance Quotes UK policy!

The “Best Affordable Insurance Life Term UK Companies” we have found seem to be few in Affordable Insurance life term uknumber. We check the AM Best database, look at the results, then make it ‘make sense’ so we can all use the information. Get things figured out faster here.

Best Life Insurance companies and How to find them:

Looking for Affordable insurance life term UK companies? You may want to consider only life insurance companies UK…

  • That should have very strong customer support and customer loyalty.
  • And, strong AM Best financial strength results.

How do you find these great insurance companies?

This is easier than you may think. Low term life insurance rate policies or whole and variable life policies are a dime a dozen… there are literally tons of companies offering these policies.

It’s finding a reputable company that can be trouble! That’s not really an issue either though if you take a minute to do just a small amount of research. Some of these companies are good, and some not so good, so take a little time first. You won’t be sorry you did.

How are Reputable Life Insurance Companies different?

Why should you care? Insurance is insurance; right?

  1. They pay their claims on time and without being overly difficult
  2. It is easy to find a person to ask questions.
  3. They have a good reputation
  4. They have strong customer loyalty
  5. They have a very strong customer support program

Finding an affordable insurance life term UK policies and companies that can do all these things well is tough. Some companies will excel in one area but fall flat in another.

Many insurance companies selling business today are after one thing; selling policies while denying claims. They do this for obvious reasons (profit).

The good news is that there are still companies that offer a good service but these are not usually a cheap UK life insurance company. Quality comes at a price. In this case, your loved ones ever seeing the life insurance proceeds is that quality you are after.

Why is this a big deal?

What can a life insurance company do to avoid paying claims?

They can stall and make you wait, tie you up in litigation and become such a pain in the neck that customers will just stop pursuing the claims process.

Your only option at this point would be to get an attorney and take them to court. Does this sound like fun?

I’m not trying to be negative here; just realistic… You need to work with a good and reputable company. (big companies are not always a good thing here)

Using AM Best to determine an Insurance Company Strength and Willingness To Pay Claims:

Here is a list of recommended life insurance companies UK based -that I feel are worth looking into (based on our research) these are the top insurance companies in the UK as tested from AM Best.

AM best is a test of financial strength and security along with satisfaction. Go to the About Us page -online life insurance quotes.

It’s a great way to determine the longevity and health of the insurance company. At the end of each line, look for a company with an A+ or A++ rating. I did not include the lower rating companies to save space on this page (there were some)

Some of the Best Life Insurance Companies UK – Affordable Insurance Life Term UK and AM Best ratings UK companies:

Zagatwine wine of the month club • ACE European Group Limited ACE Limited aa- A+ XIII

• Allianz Insurance plc Allianz Societas Europaea aa A+ g XV

• Ansvar Insurance Company Limited Allchurches Trust Limited a- A- VI

• Arch Insurance Company (Europe) Limited Arch Capital Group Ltd a+ A g XV

• Aspen Insurance UK Limited Aspen Insurance Holdings Limited a A g XV

• Aviva Annuity UK Limited AVIVA plc a+ A g XV

• Aviva Insurance UK Limited AVIVA plc a+ A g XV

• Aviva International Insurance Limited AVIVA plc a+ A XV

• Aviva Life & Pensions UK Limited AVIVA plc a+ A g XV

• Brit Insurance Limited Brit Insurance Holdings N.V. a A X

• Catlin Insurance Company (UK) Ltd. Catlin Group Limited a A g XV

• CGNU Life Assurance Limited AVIVA plc a+ A g XV

• Chubb Insurance Company of Europe SE The Chubb Corporation aa+ A++ g XV

• Commercial Union Life Assurance Company Limited AVIVA plc a+ A g XV

• Ecclesiastical Insurance Office plc Allchurches Trust Limited a A X

• Endurance Worldwide Insurance Limited Endurance Specialty Holdings, Ltd a A g XV

• Faraday Reinsurance Co. Limited Berkshire Hathaway Inc aa+ A++ g XV

• First Title Insurance plc First American Financial Corporation a- A- g XI

• FM Insurance Company Limited Factory Mutual Insurance Company aa A+ g XV

• General Reinsurance UK Limited Berkshire Hathaway Inc aa+ A++ g XV

• The Globe Insurance Company Limited RSA Insurance Group plc a A g XV

• Great Lakes Reinsurance (UK) PLC Munich Reinsurance Company aa- A+ g XV

• Hannover Life Reassurance (UK) Limited HDI V.a.G. a+ A g XV

• Hartford Financial Products International Limited Hartford Financial Services Group Inc a+ A g XV

• Hiscox Insurance Company Limited Hiscox Ltd a A IX

• HSB Engineering Insurance Limited Munich Reinsurance Company aa- A+ g X

• IGI Insurance Company Ltd AmTrust Financial Services, Inc a A VI

Still want Cheap UK life Insurance?

Maybe it would be more efficient to get an Affordable Insurance Life Term UK Policy from a Great Company:

I Hope this list is of some value to you and your life insurance needs.

These are some great companies and should provide you with the security and protection that your family needs and deserves.


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