Need a “AAA Life Insurance Company Ratings that are Easy to Understand!”

Need a “AAA Life Insurance Company Ratings that are Easy to Understand!”

Trying to locate a life insurance company with good ratings? Difficult isn’t it?

How good are AAA Life Insurance Company customer reviews? Unfortunately, not very good…

Don’t worry; we can recommend an alternative company that does have good ratings and reviews. We don’t make a red cent by recommending these companies to you…

Whats wrong with AAA Life Insurance company?

AAA insurance company has fairly low customer satisfaction ratings; We already know that.

Lets look at why…

Where does this information come from and why is it relevant?

This data is obtained by customers like you filling out a form at the page listed below.

These are real customers with real experience with this and other companies.

The results are published at the source shown below. We have nothing to do with the results shown here. We just collect the data so you can use it…

Why are so many Insurance reviews Poor?

Insurance is a misunderstood field by many so it is not surprising that most companies receive many poor results from these surveys.

But to be honest the AAA Life Insurance company reviews seem a little too poor in our opinion.

AM Best Financial Strength analysis

AAA life insurance financial strength numbers are pretty good.

rating: A-

Stable – they are expected to stay in the same rating of A-.

These ratings are actually quite good, so no complaints here. This basically means that they are in pretty good financial shape.

The trouble starts when you begin talking to the customers…

Here are the results from the customer surveys;

Extremely Satisfied – 14%

Very Satisfied – 17%

Somewhat Satisfied – 14%

Unsatisfied – 9%

Very Unsatisfied – 46%

Survey Summary:

Only 14% of surveyed respondents were extremely satisfied with this company. That is too low in our opinion. You might say even “way too low”.

Extremely Unsatisfied responses were 46%. Far too high a number of unsatisfied customers. AAA Insurance life term and other policies may be risky to secure through this company.

Survey results for AAA term life insurance at:

What insurance policy/policies do you have with this company?

How long have you had a policy with this company?

Overall, how satisfied are you, with your insurance company?

How likely are you to renew your insurance policy/policies with this insurance company?

Would you recommend this insurance company to your friends and family?

Have you ever had occasion to file a claim?

How do you rate the claims handling and fairness of any settlement?

the data shown is for both the life insurance side and auto, homeowners side of the business. Respondents made blanket comments for both companies.

The auto and homeowners business side of AAA insurance is a different company then AAA life insurance but owned by the same people and run with the same general business practices.

The reviews made by customers are for both companies as a whole. Although most of the reviews are for the Auto/homeowners AAA business.

Interestingly, auto and homeowners reviews are usually better than reviews for a life insurance company. (there are more claims and payouts are more straight forward than life insurance claims)

So I think if anything, those reviews are pulling up the overall totals.

I’m not sure how to guide you here. Use your own judgment.

Summary for AAA life Insurance Company

In order for us to consider a company for recommendation we typically want to see at least a 30% extremely satisfied rating. This should be followed by some good generally satisfied numbers as well.

What is our best advice with the AAA Life Ins Company? I would say keep looking! There are better companies out there that will fight to get and keep your business. Check the first link below, its a review of a good company as such.

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