Site is Finally Updated

I hope you all like the new look. The update is complete, I
Rachel's Phone Pics 031do plan to add pics to every page over the coming months as I get time. The content won’t change too much other than continuing to update and keep things fresh.

Overall, I am really glad to be on a new host and to be using WordPress. The interface is so much nicer and easier to control.

With the new site I hope to make more frequent visits here and to post more often. So far, so good as I’ve already been on here several times in 2016.

Life insurance isn’t exactly one of those popular subjects that anyone is very interested in talking about. For some reason though, I like it. Life insurance is a product that says “I love you”. To me, there is something to be said about a product that does nothing for the person who buys it.

You’re not going to write home to your mom about the new policy you bought and/or who you made the benefactors of such policy. This is a quiet subject, taboo even for many of us. Yet its something that we need (most of us) and our loved ones are better for us having done our research.

My hope is that this is what you get here. My hope is that you find all you need to learn about life insurance here and as a result, your loved ones are all better off as a result of your research.

Enjoy the site!