Better site More Traffic, Better Help On the Way for Life Insurance Shopping

Judging by the increased traffic Life Quotes Insurance has been seeing over the last few months Application Insurance Life Online Termit seems the move to a new site look and host is working out well for all of you. The old site was a bit clunky and particularly difficult for those using a mobile device. This new site works a lot better for viewing on mobile.

Getting life insurance may not be high on your priority list, but if you don’t have any it really should be on your short list of things to get done this year. Life insurance can be a bit daunting at first when you start looking into it. But in reality, its not all that complex to understand. Its just different than what most of us are used to thinking about. We aren’t really equipped to think about death. We don’t like to give up.

Life insurance isn’t about giving up. Its about being diligent for our loved ones. Its about loving those around us enough to talk about something uncomfortable and thinking about the what-ifs that we rather not consider.

Why should you use Life Quotes as a Resource?

Because we have nothing to gain by you learning here. In other words, we make no commission on a life insurance policy as a result of you learning from this site. We don’t sell insurance here. We don’t solicit any policies on behalf of any life insurance agency. This keeps us honest and keeps you in the know with totally unbiased information.

What do we gain from doing this?

Some visitors will click on ads placed on this site. If they go to an ad and buy a policy we do make a small amount on this. However, we do not choose the ads placed on this site.

Google code is placed here in the pages and Google chooses which ads make it on this site. You may have even noticed that some of the ads shown here are by companies that we don’t even rate very well in our consumer reviews. This just proves the point that we don’t choose the ads. It is completely involuntary on our part. I’m not even sure how the ads are chosen to be honest. Google probably has an algorithm or something, but I’m not sure.

Learn and then go somewhere else and buy your Life Insurance

Yes, you read that right. Learn here, then go somewhere else and get your policy. How many companies do that? Who educates their clients and then tells them to go shop for the policy or product on another site or another company? We do. Because we saw that in this industry what is needed is a little bit (a lot) of honesty. You need to know beyond a doubt you can trust what you read.

What credentials do we have?

I worked in the life insurance industry for 6 years before I retired. I have done several things throughout my career, but life insurance was at the end of my work career before retiring. I worked in life insurance long enough to know that there was a problem with the way many companies were doing business. I ran into it almost every day. The horror stories I heard while in the field were sad. Numerous clients of mine came from situations where they had been grossly taken advantage of by insurance sales people and by companies denying claims. I’ve been on both sides of the equation, so I know what some of you have gone through.

My job, my hope, is that you can learn what you need to know, then go get the policy you need with an insurance company you are confident you can trust. And I do that by not making an income from any individual life insurance product by any life insurance company. I have no reason to not tell the truth, and every reason to be brutally honest with you. I have nothing to lose by doing this and nothing to gain by trying to sell you on any company over another.

What companies are good?

Right off the top of my head; Primerica is an outstanding company to work with. They are head and shoulders better than most others life insurance companies out there. Another highly rated company is Geico (believe it or not). Geico was a huge surprise to me. I had no idea they would be as highly rated as they are (somewhere around 97% satisfaction rating). Primerica is even a little bit better than this even.

So learn with confidence, and then shop with confidence. You can do it!